Process all Electronic Health Records Claims Instantly with Blockchain

"Within our Blüpass wallet, the consumer will own and control the data flow and release of all electronic health records, provider, and carrier coverage data."

"We believe our technology supported with smart contracts will dramatically change the insurance and delivery of healthcare."

"Blupass will partner with EMRs to build a consumer centric ecosystem. We believe it takes all platforms working in concert to achieve a decentralized success."

"If a policyholder has an EHR, the payment can be directed to the provider via Blupass PBU (Portable Benefit Utility). Coinsurance or co-pays can be collected at the point of service."

"Carriers attempt to limit potential fraud through a lengthy and manual claims process. This process can take up to 6 months in the current environment to pay claims."

"Blüpass’s Blockchain ledgers use a complex system of checks on EHRs to ensure patient files are accurate and derived from providers."

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The Blupass Network

Blupass processes premiums from many of the top employers in the US and works with many of the top carriers in the US. We are working to bring our EHR instant claim platform to our vast network.

(Minimum Viable Product)

We utilize a client centric mobile platform that enables consumers to control the timing and delivering of medical records and application of claims.

Carriers & Insurers

Insurance carriers will have their claims administered instantly with decreased errors. They will also be insulated against instances of fraud.


Invoices are paid in minutes instead of months! Providers can reduce billing overhead and save money.


The Blüpass marketplace will provide interconnective solutions for third party applications. e envision solutions such as telemedicine, electronic medical records and other innovative ideas will flourish

$300 Billion in provider administration inefficiencies each year!
What is blupass?


Blüpass is an ERC-20 utility token that enables multiple users to access our platform designed to better connect providers, carriers, and consumers. Our platform will put control in the consumers hands to facilitate data transfers between providers and carriers for electronic health records, claims service, policy and premium verification, and much more. We believe our blockchain technology supported with smart contracts will dramatically change the insurance and delivery of healthcare.


Blüpass’s private ledger utilizes smart contracts to facilitate instant claims, fraud prevention, and consumer control over the healthcare process. The Insurance Market is $7 trillion globally. Because of our platform, Blüpass has an important advantage. We save time and money. We will fundamentally change the dynamics between providers, consumers, and carriers.

Blupass is the only solution that connects all stakeholders in Healthcare - Carriers, Service Providers, and Consumers.
The Healthcare Problem

The interaction between consumers, providers, and insurers is fractured in the current Healthcare system.


Patients enter provider facilities with a misconception that their provider and their insurer communicate seamlessly. Patients are faced with the reality their experience at the physician's office is far from complete. They may pay a copay at the window, but will leave certain of one reality, an incomprehensible bill will arrive in the mail.


Healthcare providers are often torn between the desire to serve their community and maintain the finances of a tormented business model. Administrative stresses and pressures force providers to compensate with ever rising price structures. Administrative costs in the United States are projected to reach $315 billion by 2018.


Fraudulent healthcare claims increase the burden to society through increased premiums and higher out of pocket expenditures. Large Medical facilities and hospital groups spend up to 10% of their budgets on records and billing. Premiums billed and administered by health insurance carriers rely on antiquated file formats.

Data Integration

Unfortunately for the consumer, patient data such as health records, consumer policy data, and claims data are siloed. Providers marginally share data with other providers. Carriers and Providers do not share data systematically leaving consumers to manually request information from medical record departments to facilitate any claims process review.

Why Support Us?

The interaction between consumers, providers and insurers is fractured in the Healthcare system.

Industry Know How

Blüpass has the best team of industry professionals. They are practice leaders with years of experience and dedicated blockchain experts with a track-record of successful Blockchain projects

Secure Ledger

Blüpass will build an open source platform designed to solve problems. We believe the best solutions are derived from multiple actors working in sync with a common goal

Self Regulation

Blockchain will decentralize the way we store data and manage information. This will lead to a reduced role for one of the most important regulators in the world, the middleman

Fraud Prevention

Consumers will benefit from reduced premiums and incentives. Blüpass’s smart contracts reduce loss due to fraud. Carrier savings can be passed on to consumers in the form of premium reduction due to efficient cost saving measures. Consumers will also have peace of mind their EHR is safe from tampering or identity theft.

Portable Benefit Utility

Blüpass facilitates PBU's that reconcile policy information, provider billing and insurer claims instantly. The secure Blockchain ledger is what makes this all possible. This technology propels Healthcare systems into the future.


Insurance is a $7 trillion global market. By becoming an early adopter of instant claim service, Blüpass can gain an important advantage.”

Meet Our Team

Blüpass consists of team members across multiple essential backgrounds. Our vision requires collaboration between different sectors from provider, consumer, technology, carrier, and insurance specialists. We have deliberately sought forward thinking out of the box professionals that are successful in their fields and are keenly interested in change.

Shawn Stephens
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Ray Keech, CLF®
Founder & COO

Mark Luther
Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

Sandeep Chauhan
Chief Technology Strategist

Jason Head
Chief Counsel

Noel Allum
Graphic Designer

Manuela Chundrlek
Administration Manager

Praveen Kumar Sinha
Technology Architect

Sachin Choudhary
Technology Architect

Kenneth Lathrom
Web Designer

John Hammond
Web Developer

Advisors & Partners

Carlos Soriano

Igor Yemel'yanov

Joel Garcia

FutureHealth Alliance

Our roadmap
Q1 2017

Formation of HRAspirin. Beginning of premium processing software development.

Q3 2017

HRAsprin software and mobile app launched.

Q4 2017

Blupass is formed as next phase of solving healthcare data facilitation problems.

Q1 2018

Whitepaper, executive summary, and website are published.

Q2 2019

Launch of Bluwallet

Q4 2019

HRAspirin Carrier Private Label/Provider System 1.0

Q1 2020

Field Distribution Team/In App PBU Sales

Q3 2020

Provider System 2.0 with Telemedicine

Q2 2021

Launch BluMarket

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